Audio recording & editing programs

How to edit/cut music and songs online for free?

There is nothing easier, then edit music online with our free audio cutter!

We simplified the user interface so much, that it can do even a child!
At he same time, editing program still has a rich functional!

Cut a song online now!

How to edit music - step by step instruction

Editing music online - is very easy, fast and funny!
Drag and drop your music file and in a second – you will see the waveform of your track. You may play it and choose selections using mouse.

How to edit music - program interface

How to cut, copy/paste song selections, zooming

You can create selection just using your mouse. After it, you can play, cut and paste selections, copy and paste your favorite parts any times you want to prolong a song, trim/crop it.
For comfortable working, you may zoom in and zoom out any selections!

How to edit a song - cut, copy, paste

File formats

If your device or software you use does’t support WAV format (it's default output file format) – you may use our free audio converter to convert it to format you need: mp3, ogg, aiff, etc…

More about audio fomats...

iPhone ringtones

If you need to make iPhone ringtone, so you need configure audio converter to m4a format and use advance setting to set the bitrate, frequency and so on… How to make iPhone ringtone?

How to make iPhone ringtone...

How to adjust song volume or normalize by peak level

The functional of our audio editing program gives you opportunity to make your song louder or quieter in two ways.

First way.
You may to raise or lower the volume to a specific decibel level. You can do it for the whole track and for the only selection. To see changes – you need press “save”.

Be careful! If you increase volume too much - it can distort the sound! In this way, function “undo” disabled!

Second way (appreciated).
We recommend to use automatic “smart” normalizing option. You also can use it for the whole track and for the different selections. But in this way, the song (or the selection) volume will be normalized by maximum peak value and prevents any distortion. Function "undo" enabled!

How to edit songs - volume controls

Fade in and fade out your music or song online

Make selection of the part of you music or song (you can play it to insure) and then, just using “fade in” or “fade out” - you can do it in 2 clicks!

How to edit audio - fade in & fade out

Edit music

Use our simple instruction how to edit music online and enjoy our free online editing programs. There is NO hide payments or trial versions!
The only limit is – max file 100 Mb.

Edit music online now!

Edit songs

It’s really easy and funny to edit sons online! Feel free to use it anytime you need without any limits! To get quick access to our audio cutter – add it to your “favorites” (press Ctrl+D)!

Edit a song online now!

How to make and set iPhone ringtone?

Find out how to make ringtone for iPhone without using iTunes.
There are several main features for this device type and if you ignore it, your iPhone ringtone may be not supported!

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